With Record Breaking Footfall, Convergence India 2017 Concluded Successfully

Urging the government to provide ample support to industry and private players in addressing cyber security issues, Rahul Tyagi, Vice-President-Training, Lucideus, said, “Devices at the hardware level need to be made more secure and consumer awareness needs to be generated.”

During the session, ‘E-commerce in India: A Game Changer for New Customer Experience, Madhur Arora, Head-Digital Business & Strategy, Intex Technologies and Startup Mentor, India, said, “E-commerce has provided customers with huge choices and customers now have access to various brands. However, availability of products is a key factor in ensuring superior customer experience.”

Sundeep Malhotra, Founder and Former CEO, Homeshop 18, stated, “E-commerce businesses in India currently are in the customer acquisition phase. These businesses need to develop a mind shift and a new line of thought apart from traditional concepts”.

He added, “Well -organised conferences such as Convergence India 2017 provide the platform to discuss relevant ideas, radical changes, and latest innovations. Bringing the best and brightest minds and decision-makers under one roof to discuss the latest happenings and future trends broadens the horizons and opens more gates for new ideas to be implemented.”

Exhibitors found the expo a great way to showcase their brands and gain enormous exposure.

“We found the exhibition to be professionally managed and on par with any European event. Convergence India 2017 helped us connect with potential customers, and we were able to generate many leads. We look forward to participating in the next edition,” said Dr. Matthias Wurster, Vice President – Marketing & Business Development, UNLIMIT.

Organised by the Exhibitions India Group, the event is supported by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and the Digital India campaign.

“Convergence India 2017 moved to a new level as big and small companies from around the world assembled to reveal solutions to meet the current and future needs of society. Our industry is touching lives through connectivity and innovation, and this connected world was on full display this week at Convergence India 2017,” said Prem Behl, Chairman, Exhibitions India Group.

For additional information, please visit: www.convergenceindia.org

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