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    Quectel Announces New 5G Modules to Drive 5G Commercialization

    Quectel Wireless Solutions , the leading global supplier of IoT modules, announced that the company has launched three 5G New Radio (NR) Sub-6GHz modules during CES 2021, including the RM500Q-AE, the RM502Q-AE and the RM505Q-AE, to drive the mass deployment of 5G intelligent connections worldwide.

    Leveraging the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55 commercial 5G modem, the three modules feature super-fast speed, low latency, and enhanced carrier aggregation (CA) technology, and are now ready for sampling to support a wide range of enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and IoT applications such as fixed wireless access (FWA), 4K/8K live streaming, online meeting applications, telemedicine, smart transportation and industrial IoT (IIoT).

    Capable of both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) modes, the three modules support worldwide coverage of 5G NR Sub-6GHz, LTE-A and WCDMA frequency bands and provide reliable 5G solutions to IoT customers globally. The other key features of the three modules include:

    • Cover global 5G frequency bands
    • Multi-gigabit data rates, up to 5.0Gbps
    • DL 4 × 4 MIMO for 5G NR and LTE-A bands
    • Multi-constellation GNSS capabilities
    • Abundant interfaces: USB 3.0/3.1, PCIe 3.0 and eSIM

    The three modules also integrate GNSS capabilities, with the RM505Q-AE supporting Active GPS L1/L5 signals for more accurate positioning services. This ensures industrial terminals like rugged tablet PCs and on-board computers can work in environments with weak signal such as valleys, forests and urban city canyons.

    Available in M.2 form factor, the RM500Q-AE, the RM502Q-AE and RM505Q-AE are equipped with multiple interfaces including USB 3.0, PCIe 3.1 and eSIM to enable maximum connection options for devices including gateways, industrial routers, CPE, live broadcast, MIFI, laptops, tablets and more. All these 5G modules are compatible with Quectel LTE-A Cat 6 module EM06, Cat 12 modules EM12-G/EM120R-GL/EM121R-GL and Cat 16 module EM160R-GL, allowing for easier migration from LTE-A to 5G.

    Currently, the RM502Q-AE has completed IC, FCC, PTCRB, GCF, RED and RCM certifications, while the RM500Q-AE and the RM505Q-AE have completed CE and RCM certifications. These compulsory approvals with global launch firmware (FW) baseline help customers enter each local market quickly and reduce their cost of device development and certification.

    Quectel has developed a wide array of 5G modules and supported more than 1000 global customers in their 5G product development, with many IoT projects having started commercial production, such as smart TV, CPE, gateway, 4K/8K live streaming and intelligent driving.

    About Quectel

    Quectel’s passion for a smarter world drives us to accelerate IoT innovation. A highly customer-centric organization, we create superior cellular and GNSS modules backed by outstanding support and services. Our growing global team of more than 2200 professionals, the largest in the IoT modules industry worldwide, ensures we are first to market and continue to set the pace of development. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 603236.SS), our international leadership is devoted to advancing IoT across the globe.

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