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    Quantum Grows Partner Ecosystem, Expanding Options for  Multi-Tier Storage in Video Surveillance

    Quantum Corp has announced joint development initiatives with four industry-leading Video Management System (VMS) providers targeted at bringing enhanced multi-tier storage solutions to security and surveillance customers worldwide. Aimetis Corp., On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI), Qognify and Verint Systems Inc. have joined the Quantum Advantage Program , and certified interoperability with Quantum offerings, including StorNext 5 data management and Quantum QXS™hybrid storage.

    Significant Growth for Quantum’s Surveillance Partner Ecosystem

    Quantum’s surveillance partner ecosystem has tripled in size over the last six months and now includes more than 30 partners. This growth reflects a shift in how the security community views storage, increasingly treating it as a foundational element of a surveillance strategy.

    Quantum’s multi-faceted validation testing with VMS partners such as Aimetis, OnSSI, Qognify and Verint ensures that customers have access to thoroughly tested and integrated storage solutions suited to their unique environment. Quantum’s multi-tier storage makes the combination of storage performance and data retention more affordable, enabling customers to retain surveillance data longer and incorporate real-time analytics into their surveillance program. This economical approach to storage leaves more budget available to spend on cameras and analytics, for a more effective video surveillance environment.

    Justin Schorn, Vice President, Product Management, Aimetis Corp.

    “Partners and end users can reference the tested configurations from the Aimetis certification process to help build a solution with confidence. Through the partnership with Quantum, we can offer validated configurations, which reduce risk and document expected performance under certain scenarios.”

    Continuing Development With Quantum Partners

    Quantum Advantage Program partners seeking to expand their offerings in video surveillance can fast track time to market for their joint solutions with technical and marketing support from Quantum, and also leverage cooperative engineering programs that enable them to optimize solutions for their customers.

    In addition to working with the new partners mentioned above, Quantum has continued to collaborate with others to meet the specific needs of the surveillance community:

    • Axis Communications, to address the unique surveillance and security challenges found in many healthcare environments;
    • Genetec Inc., to create optimized security solutions for transportation environments, including airports, ports and rail systems;
    • Milestone Systems, to provide a fully integrated video surveillance solution for critical infrastructure projects.

    Supporting Quotes

    Moti Shabtai, President, Qognify

    “We are proud to partner with technology leaders such as Quantum to deliver optimized, timely surveillance solutions to our customers, enabling them to make informed decisions with actionable intelligence distilled from vast amounts of data.”

    Wayne Arvidson, Vice President, Surveillance and Security Solutions, Quantum

    “Quantum continues to expand its robust surveillance and security partner ecosystem by collaborating with the leading innovators in the VMS market. With these collaborations we are delivering a unique platform that supports the performance required for surveillance data analytics and enables significantly longer data retention periods while preserving project budgets.”


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