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    QT-Hi1: Innovative Nodal Impedance Analyser

    QT-Hi1 is an innovative Nodal Impedance Analyser, which uses the industry’s proven V-I trace techniques of learning and compare of nodal impedances which are represented as VI Curves.

    It uses inventive Auto Best Curve fit technique for selection of the best fit value of Voltage, Source Impedance and Frequency of the stimulus waveform. The compact size with re-chargeable battery makes it your ideal companion for on-field operation.

     The wide 8” touch screen graphical display makes this tool more valuable in test and repair industry at all times.

    Some key features of the QT-Hi1:

    • 8 inch wide TFT display
    • Truly Portable
    • Embedded keys in the handheld probe.
    • Buzzer function to indicate Pass/ Failstatus
    • Provision for external MUX channel interface for clip-based testing
    • Ethernet and USB port interface.
    • Linux based Graphical user interface
    • Single touch start\Stop \save log options.

    Where can the QT-Hi1 be used?

    • Device test, in-coming Quality Control,
    • Electronics labs
    • Circuit Design & Debug
    • Educational Lab & Training Institutions
    • Repair & Service
    • Production Test & Quality Inspection

    For more information, visit

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