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    QT 200 nxT: An Inbuilt External Controller ATE with Touch Screen Features

    QT 200 nxT, which is an ultra-modern stylish Inbuilt external controller ATE with touch screen features, is now available as a desktop unit with the cost, flexibility, and performance demanded by a large number of users in research, design, manufacturing, and repair & maintenance industry.

    It is a combinational-mixed signal board tester for PCBAs designed to cater the needs of PCB test and repair depots, keeping in mind the changing PCB technology and challenges in testing them offline with the combination of all such complex test methodologies in a single test hardware platform with simple to use graphical user interface software.

    The vast library support helps you to functionally test the host of different IC families. Other features like user-friendly Windows-based software, add-on utilities like oscilloscope, and RCV meter circuit tracer make it a favorite and highly effective for repairing PCBs without schematic/ circuit diagrams. All these tests are carried out using simple BUT Interface like multipin test clips, probes or custom test fixture.

    Some key features of QT 200 nxT:

    • Inbuilt Computer with i3 processor.
    • Integrated 12 inch Touchscreen industrial monitor & External monitor can be connected
    • Digital and analog functional testing
    • Programmable drive and sense levels
    • Versatile Clip Status display with Voltage / Impedance / Pin Labels / Link Status of every pin.
    • Automatic pull-up and pull down for testing Open collector and Open emitter devices
    • Industry standard Simulator for developing New Device Program
    • In-Built Boundary scan Hardware for modern device testing
    • Option for upgrade boundary Scan controller and optional integrated BS Test Software
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