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    QR Code based Access Control from Matrix

    QR Code based Access Control

    About Solution:
    Matrix’s “Your Mobile is Your Identity” technology offers QR Code based Identification for opening doors by simply scanning the QR code from an authorised mobile phone through COSEC APTA App. It is a simple process of authentication that offers convenience to users while increasing the overall security of an organization at the same time.

    Advantages and Benefits:

    Features Advantage Benefit
    QR Code based Identification Convenience
    Mobile as User Credential People rarely forget their mobile phones and do not give them away as easily as their RFID cards. Convenience
    Contactless Identification Users don’t have to touch the scanner. Hygiene
    User Identification Linked to Mobile IMEI COSEC Server ties every user with his/her mobile’s unique IMEI number. Security
    Server Encrypted QR Code Security
    Customer Created QR Codes Organizations create their own QR Codes by embedding their 2-byte key. Security
    24-bit Encryption for Mobile to Server Communication Mobile to server communication is encrypted with the provision to use customer-owned certificates. Security
    Eliminate Card or Biometric Readers Eliminate expensive devices, panels, wiring, installation and AMC costs. Cost
    Multiple QR Codes Multiple QR Codes can be used to speed up ingress/egress to avoid congestion and queues. Speed and Throughput
    Printed QR Codes at Entry and Exit Points Reduces setup time.

    Works where biometric or card readers are not easy to deploy.

    Faster Installation

    How it Works:

    • User has to scan QR Code given by the door using COSEC APTA application from a Mobile phone registered with the COSEC CENTRA server.
    • Camera will start by twisting a mobile phone or opening it from the COSEC APTA application.
    • COSEC APTA sends user event to COSEC ARC door controller for user access verification.
    • Upon verification, COSEC ARC door controller opens the door lock connected to its relay port.

    The solution is highly useful under below mentioned circumstances:

    Where Door Controllers are Difficult to Install by the Door
    E.g. Glass Doors: Installing door controllers on glass doors may cause the glass to break. Instead, we can directly stick a QR Code on the glass and mount COSEC ARC on a din-rail above the door.

    For a Cost Effective Solution
    This solution eliminates reader as well as door controller costs.

    Connectivity Diagram:

    Note: COSEC PANEL LITE (V2) required, if COSEC ARC V1 is used as a door controller.
    Target Audience:

    • Corporates: Easy to install at glass doors and office chambers.
    • Healthcare: Being a contactless technology, the solution prevents hygiene issues.
    • BFSI: End to end encryption increases the overall security.
    • Manufacturing: 100% user identification irrespective of fingerprint quality.

    Devices Required:

    • COSEC APTA (Mobile App)
    • COSEC PANEL LITE V2 (Optional – required if used COSEC ARC V1)

    Guidelines to Generate QR Code:

    • Encrypt the key through
    • The key should contain the following code. This information needs to be encrypted:
      {“version”:”1″,”ip”:”IP of Door Controller/PANEL ITE”,”port”:”80″,”pdid”:”0″,”mode”:”0″}
      Set Mode: “0” for Entry, “1” for Exit
      pdid: Set “0” in case of Direct Door
      Insert “Door ID” in case of Panel Door
      Version: Set “1” by Default
      Port: Set “80” by Default
    • Once you generate the encrypted string, you may generate the QR Code through

    Customer Reference:
    Gold’s Gym is using QR Code based Access Control and appreciated Matrix with the following words:

    “We acknowledge and appreciate your product and we look forward to have such excellence in near future as well. As a token of appreciation, we would like to certify your agency as “The best IT Vendors”. Wish you all the best for your works” said IT Head, Gold’s Gym.

    For More Information:


    Contact Details:

    Contact No +91 265 2630555
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