PRASAR UCS : Pure IP Solution for Modern Enterprises


Matrix is embarking on a unique, first of a kind journey of launching its Pure IP Solution for Modern Enterprises, PRASAR UCS at a cruise in Dubai Marina.

Matrix is a manufacturer of enterprise grade Telecom and Security solutions. The company has worked relentlessly towards manufacturing communication and security solutions rigged with latest technology. Furthermore, with every new launch, Matrix aims at presenting the enterprises with a solution that is competent in meeting with their growing needs.

In line with this vision, Matrix is set to launch its newly introduced PRASAR UCS, a Pure IP Solution for Modern Enterprises, in the most unique fashion. Aboard the Dhow Cruise anchored at the Dubai Marina, is set the platform for our launch dated 15th August 2018. Our solution experts will be launching the product on the cruise, followed by giving a detailed and informative presentation on the same.

Attendees will also be given an opportunity to explore the product in more detail through Q&A session and a one on one discussion with our solution experts.