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    Power Integrations makes 600V half-bridge motor driver

    Power Integrations has introduced a 600V half-bridge motor driver with integrated high-side and low-side drive FredFets (fast recovery diode field effect transistors). Branded BridgeSwitch, the parts can be used in inverters of up to 98.5% conversion efficiency in brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives up to 300W.

    Home-appliances such as refrigerator compressors and HVAC fans are the intended application, said the firm, as well as light commercial pumps, fans and blowers. The pair of integrated 600V FredFets have fast soft-recovery body-diodes. “This drastically reduces losses during switching and reduces noise generation, which simplifies system level EMC,” said the firm.

    A single-wire status update interface is included, and enables communication between a microcontroller and up to three BridgeSwitches for a three-phase drive. Each BridgeSwitch may be configured with different cycle-by-cycle high-side and low-side current limits to deal with open or shorted motor windings.

    “Integrated loss-less current monitoring provides hardware-based motor fault protection, which simplifies the task of providing protection under motor-fault conditions to satisfy IEC60335-1 and IEC60730-1 requirements,” said Power integrations.

    Switching is up to 20kHz and a small signal output that provides real-time reporting of transistor drain current, which is an analogue of the positive motor winding current. Safety features include two-level device over-temperature detection, and both protection and reporting of DC bus over-voltage and DC bus under-voltage.

    Devices are compatible with control algorithms including: field oriented control (FOC), sinusoidal, and trapezoidal modes with sensor and sensor. It comes in a InSOP-24C surface-mount package with creepage distances >3.2mm. PCB heatsinking is via two exposed pads.

    Samples are available now.

    Part DC output current RMS current
    BRD1160C / BRD1260C 1.0A 0.22A
    BRD1161C / BRD1261C 1.7A 0.50A
    BRD1163C / BRD1263C 3.0A 0.75A
    BRD1165C / BRD1265C 5.5A 1.00A



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