Polycarbonate in LED lighting reached 123,900 metric tons

“Since the LED light source is very durable and long-lasting, for example [for] 10 years, the piece-parts of the LED lamp or luminaire should also be very durable and long-lasting, and polycarbonate is a key material to the success of LED lighting in the marketplace,” said Stephen Montgomery, principal analyst of the LED group at ElectroniCast.

The study also segments the use of polycarbonate-based LED lighting products in several end-use applications including general lighting, vehicles, signage, portable lighting and professional task lighting.

“The use of polycarbonate in the general lighting application was the leader in terms of relative market share last year. However, all of the applications are set for very strong double-digit growth during the forecast period [of] 2015 to 2022,” Montgomery said.

ElectroniCast is a technology-based independent forecasting firm, serving industrial companies, trade associations, government agencies, communications and manufacturing companies, as well as the investment and financial community.

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