Analog Devices Acquires Laser Technology from Vescent


Semiconductor manufacturer Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) has acquired a solid-state laser beam steering technology from electro-optic technology developer Vescent Photonics Inc. to enable the mainstream adoption of auto lidar systems.

Vescent’s non-mechanical beam steering technology enables more robust, integrated lidar systems that overcome drawbacks of bulky offerings such as reliability, size and cost. The acquisition aims to strengthen ADI’s position in the automotive safety system market.

“From inertial MEMS sensors used in airbag and electronic stability control applications to 24- and 77-GHz automotive radar, ADI solutions have helped save lives for over two decades,” said Chris Jacobs, general manager of automotive safety for Analog Devices. “And now, this innovative technology will play an important role in making lidar systems more compact, more robust and an affordable feature in every new car worldwide.”

Vescent Photonics is a developer and manufacturer of electro-optics, tunable lasers and electronics for precision laser control. Analog Devices is a designer and manufacturer of semiconductor products and solutions.