Dell EMC Announces New HPC Services

    Dell EMC has announced a new collection of high performance computing (HPC) cloud offerings, software and systems to make more HPC services available to enterprises of all sizes, optimize HPC technology innovations, and advance the HPC community.

    “The global HPC market forecast exceeds $30 billion in 2016 for all product and services spending, including servers, software, storage, cloud, and other categories, with continued growth expected at 5.2 percent CAGR through 2020,” said Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research, in a statement. “Bolstered by its combination with EMC, Dell will hold the number-one position in total HPC revenue share heading into 2017.”

    Democratizing HPC

    Among the new products and services is the new HPC System for Life Sciences, which will be available with the PowerEdge C6320p Server (pictured above) by the first quarter 2017. The company said the new life sciences service accelerates results for bioinformatics centers to identify treatments in clinically relevant timeframes while protecting confidential data.

    “Highly parallelized computing plays an important role in high performance computing,” said Ed Turkel, HPC Strategist at Dell EMC, in the statement. “Compared to serial computing, parallel computing is much better suited for modeling, simulating and understanding complex, real world phenomena. In many cases, serial programs ‘waste’ potential computing power.” The PowerEdge C6320p Server is specifically designed to address this parallel processing environment to drive improved performance and faster big data analysis, Turkel said.

    The company also said that it will begin offering new cloud bursting services from Cycle Computing to enable cloud orchestration and management between some of the largest public cloud services, including Azure and AWS. Dell said the service allows customers to more efficiently utilize their on-premises systems while providing access to the resources of the public cloud for HPC needs.

    The company will also offer customers the Intel HPC Orchestrator later this quarter to help simplify the installation, management and ongoing maintenance of high-performance computing systems. HPC Orchestrator, which is based on the OpenHPC open source project, can help accelerate enterprises’ installations and management.

    Optimizing the HPC Porftolio

    Dell EMC has been increasingly placing its bets on HPC services, unveiling a portfolio of several new HPC technologies earlier this month. For example, the company introduced its PowerEdge C4130 and R730 servers designed to boost throughput and improve cost savings for HPC and hyperscale data centers to support more deep learning applications and artificial intelligence techniques in technological and scientific fields such as DNA sequencing.

    “Dell EMC is uniquely capable of breaking through the barriers of data-centric HPC and navigating new and varied workloads that are converging with big data and cloud,” said Jim Ganthier, senior vice president, Validated Solutions and HPC Organization, Dell EMC, in the statement. “We are collaborating with the HPC community, including our customers, to advance and optimize HPC innovations while making these capabilities easily accessible and deployable for organizations and businesses of all sizes.”

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