Pioneering New Graphene-Based Devices Clear the Way For Ultra-High Sensitivity Research

    Graphenea has announced a ground-breaking new range of graphene-based field effect transistors (GFETs) available for industrial and commercial use. This new range of ultrasensitive devices paves the way for major strides in data collection and parsing for companies and researchers previously unable to acquire this technology without major investment.

    This new range of graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs) offers sensitivity levels higher than standard FETs, with specified carrier mobility above 1000 cm2/V.s, residual charge carrier density below 2×1012 cm2, and a Dirac point between 10 and 40 V. Ultimately this is a dramatic advancement in the speed and effectiveness of data gathering, which leads to improvements in areas of research on biological, chemical, optical, magnetic, or molecular interactions, including biosensing, photodetecting, bioelectronics and chemical sensing.

    After obtaining a major investment from Spanish oil and gas company Repsol in 2013 to boost its technological capacity, Graphenea patented a new CVD process for producing and transferring the monolayer wonder-material graphene in 2015. Since then, the company has been making huge inroads in improving the production and commercialisation of graphene: a well-documented, heavily researched 2D crystalline material known to keen followers of the tech industry and/or material sciences.

    Graphenea’s newly released GFETs are the latest in their range of graphene-based materials and devices, opening up an almost limitless number of avenues to tech companies in areas of research and data gathering previously restricted due to the high cost and specialist knowledge required to develop these devices in-house. ”Simply put, this new product line helps our customers to speed up the development and reduce the investment for a new Graphene-base device.” says Graphenea’s CEO, Jesus de la Fuente.

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