Pega Introduces Value Finder To Better Engage Neglected Customers

New AI-powered capability helps underserved groups receive more useful offers

Value Finder

Pegasystems introduced Value Finder – a new AI-powered capability helping organizations engage their most underserved customers with messages and offers designed around their specific needs. Part of the Pega Customer Decision Hub™, this capability expands the power of 1:1 customer engagement to ensure all customers get personalized, high-empathy treatment – not just the ‘premier’ customers that typically get the most attention.

While organizations think they’re engaging clients on a 1:1 basis, in reality, most end up pushing the same “product of the moment” to the same core customer segments. Audiences that don’t fit neatly into the latest campaign are either besieged with irrelevant offers or are largely ignored. Hamstrung by product-centric eligibility and prioritization rules, customer experience professionals miss opportunities to nurture these overlooked customers with more relevant actions that could add real value, increase customer loyalty, and drive long-term growth.

Value Finder helps organizations bring 1:1 engagement to everyone by ensuring these under-engaged customers receive more relevant offers and messages. The Pega Customer Decision Hub feature makes it easy to identify and fill critical customer engagement gaps by:

  • Identifying underserved customers– First, Value Finder analyzes the customer database to uncover potentially-valuable but consistently underserved customers. These are individuals who typically aren’t targeted with a brand’s standard marketing campaigns.
  • Filling engagement gaps– Then, the software inspects the customer strategy itself to find opportunities to improve engagement with those customers and add value with strategy adjustments or net-new treatments that will better resonate with their needs.
  • Simplifying approvals across teams– With a plan in place, business users can  make these changes with speed and confidence by leveraging the integrated 1:1 Operations Manager. This approvals management feature allows users to easily submit and manage change requests with a simplified workflow that increases speed-to-market for any new actions, policies, and treatments.
  • Optimizing strategies before implementation– Before pushing those changes live, users can simulate various “what-if” scenarios to understand how those strategies and treatments will perform in market and how they will work within the entire engagement mix. This helps marketers hit specific goals, more accurately forecast results, and uncover any hidden tradeoffs between options.

Pega Customer Decision Hub serves as an always-on ‘brain’ providing centralized AI across all customer touchpoints, both inbound and outbound, to optimize every interaction and maximize customer value. Its predictive analytics and customer decision management enables organizations to surface unique insights and recommend the next best action in real time during every step of the customer journey – from marketing to sales to customer service and retention. Pega Customer Decision Hub provides the responsible AI power across the unified Pega Infinity™ digital transformation software suite, optimizing customer engagement and operational efficiency from end to end.

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