Now Buy Smart Home Interior Solutions Online

Home automation company Silvan Innovation Labs has tied up with Capricoast, an ecommerce website for home interior solutions, to offer its products to customers online.

Bengaluru-based Silvan, which was founded in 2008, entered the B2C segment in June last year, and now it plans to sell products online, and also enter the enterprise segment in a big way.

Silvan CEO Avinash K Gautam said, “With smartphones and broadband connectivity and voice infrastructure in place, the home automation industry is growing in a big way.”
Talking about the tie-up, he said that Capricoast is Silvan’s exclusive online partner.

“To begin with, Silvan’s solutions will be available in Bengaluru, and we will slowly take them to other cities as well,” Capricoast CEO Jawad Ayaz said.

With a turnover of Rs 10 crore, the company is confident that it would cross Rs 25 crore in the next fiscal. The company’s target market is the middle class, and its products are available at a price range starting from Rs 15,000. “We are seeing maximum action in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, and also in tier-II cities like Jaipur,” Gautam said. With over 110 employees, Silvan is planning to set up a support office in New Delhi shortly.

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