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    New Thick Film Chip Resistors by Vishay Intertechnology for Automotive Applications

    Devices Combine Advanced Sulfur Resistance With High Power Ratings to 2.0 W for Automotive and Industrial Applications

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. on Jan. 30, 2017, released a new series of sulfur-resistant long side termination thick film chip resistors optimized for automotive and industrial applications.

    For high sulfur environments, resistors in the AEC-Q200-qualified Vishay Draloric RCA LS e3 series feature a patented construction that provides a sulfur withstand ability in accordance with ASTM B809 95, tested at an advanced level of 90 °C for 1,000 hours. The devices’ wide terminals enable high power ratings up to 2.0 W.

    RCA-LS e3 series resistors are available in five compact case sizes to save space on densely packed PCBs: 0406, 0612, 1020, 1218, and 1225. The devices offer a resistance range from 1 Ω up to 2.2 MΩ with tolerances of ± 1 % and ± 5 %, TCR of ± 100 ppm/K and ± 200 ppm/K, and an operating voltage range from 50 V to 200 V. The resistors are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.

    Device Specification Table:

    Part # Case size Power rating P70 (W) Operating voltage (V)
    RCA0406-LS e3 0406 0.25 50
    RCA0612-LS e3 0612 0.5 75
    RCA1020-LS e3 1020 1.0 200
    RCA1218-LS e3 1218 1.0 200
    RCA1225-LS e3 1225 2.0(1) 200
    (1) Specified power rating requires dedicated mounting conditions to achieve the required thermal resistance.

    Samples and production quantities of the RCA-LS e3 series are available now, with lead times of eight to 10 weeks.

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