New Solar Rooftop Deal between BSES and EESL

    To promote the use of renewable energy and the idea of energy efficiency in the capital, Delhi distribution company BSES has entered into a strategic partnership with state-run Energy Efficiency Serviced Ltd (EESL).

    According to Business Standard, a report released by BSES said that the memorandum of understanding (MoU) will encompass emerging technologies like rooftop solar, smart meters, electric vehicles (EVs), EV charging stations, solar irrigation pumps and energy storage solutions.

    “BRPL and EESL have entered into a strategic partnership to provide reliable services and offerings to the discom’s over 24 lakh consumers in south and west Delhi in the areas of smart and emerging technologies,” the release said.

    “Under the MoU, BRPL and EESL will collaborate to explore the deployment of these emerging technologies to bring in energy efficiency, promote renewables and reduce the peak power demand in south and west Delhi,” it added. The MoU has an initial duration of three years, the statement added.

    Commenting on the development, BRPL Chief Executive Amal Sinha said to IANS, “BRPL is committed to energy efficiency, adoption of green technology and smart procurement initiatives that will result in optimised solutions for us and our consumers.”

    EESL managing director, Saurabh Kumar said to IANS, “Synergy between institutions is key to achieve a fully energy efficient India. We are pleased to partner BRPL in their pursuit towards energy efficiency and adoption of future-ready technology solutions.”

    According to BSES, the power is expected be available from November 2019 for a period of 25 years.


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