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    New Product Insider: Here are the Latest Products for Design Engineers to Use

    Mouser Electronics, Inc. specializes in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies. As the industry leader in New Product Introductions (NPIs), Mouser makes it a priority to stock the newest products and technologies from our 700+ manufacturer partners, giving customers an edge and helping speed time to market.

    Last month, Mouser launched more than 289 new products ready for same-day shipment.

    Some of the products introduced by Mouser last month include:

    • Intel 8th Generation Core Processors

    The 8th Generation Intel Core processors offer exceptional platform performance with up to six cores for more processing power for VR, gaming, ultra-HD entertainment, and more.

    • Infineon Technologies CIPOS Intelligent Power Modules

    Infineon’s Control Integrated Power System (CIPOS) Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) feature CoolMOS Power MOSFETs, advanced TrenchSTOP IGBTs, next-generation gate driver ICs, and state-of-the-art thermo-mechanical technology.

    • Sensirion SCD30 Sensor Module

    The Sensirion SCD30 sensor module features Sensirion’s CMOSens intelligent microsensor technology to offer accurate and stable monitoring of indoor CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity.

    • Cree XLamp XD16 LEDs

    Based on Cree’s NX Technology Platform, the XD16 LEDs deliver up to 5½ times higher lumen density than Cree’s previous generation of high-power LEDs.

    To see more of the New Product Insider highlights, go to

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