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    New Processors Make Edge AI more Accessible,Reduce Power Consumption to 50%

    Expanding on its history of delivering highly integrated processors, Texas Instruments (TI) today introduced new Sitara AM62 processors that help expand edge artificial intelligence (AI) processing into next-generation applications. The low-power design of the new processors enables support for dual-screen displays and small-size human-machine interface (HMI) applications. For more information, see

    TI will showcase the new AM62 processors and demonstrate system-level solutions for edge AI and electric vehicle charging HMI applications in booth No. 215 at embedded world in Nuremburg, Germany, June 21-23, 2022. For more information, see

    The next generation of HMI will bring new ways of interacting with machines, such as enabling gesture recognition to give commands in a noisy factory environment or enabling the control of machines by phones or tablets with a wireless connection. Adding edge AI features to HMI applications, including machine vision, analytics, and predictive maintenance, can help bring a new meaning to HMI that goes beyond a mere interface to enable human-machine interaction. AM62 processors bring analytics to edge devices at low power, including suspend states as low as 7 mW and no need to design for thermal considerations, which can give engineers the flexibility to deploy these capabilities in size-constrained applications or industrial environments.

    Bring intelligence to new applications with cost-effective edge AI

    Starting at less than US$5, the AM62 processor brings low-cost analytics to HMI devices by enabling basic camera-based image processing and edge AI functions, such as detecting and recognizing objects. AM62 processors also enable dual-screen, full high-definition displays and support for multiple operating systems, including Mainline Linux and Android operating systems. AM62 processors also support both wired and wireless connectivity interfaces. To learn more about how edge AI capabilities are evolving HMI applications, see the technical article, “Three key considerations for the next generation of HMI.”

    Reduce system power consumption by as much as 50%

    AM62 processors can reduce power consumption in industrial applications by as much as 50% compared to competing devices, enabling an application powered by AA batteries to remain on for over 1,000 hours. This is possible through a simplified power architecture; the device features only two dedicated power rails and five power modes. Deep sleep mode at <5 mW enables longer battery life, while an active power of <1.5 W is made possible by a core voltage of 0.75 V. Reducing system power consumption extends battery life and helps engineers meet design requirements for handheld or size-constrained devices that can be deployed anywhere. Achieving optimal power performance is further simplified with the new TPS65219, a companion PMIC specifically designed to meet AM62 processor power supply requirements.

    Simplify development complexity with access to hardware and software tools and resources

    A wide range of tools and resources for AM62 processors provides flexible options for development and can help reduce cost and complexity barriers to design. Multiple open-source software solutions, including Mainline Linux, simplify the application development process and help achieve faster time to market. A rich hardware ecosystem, including a third-party evaluation module (EVM) starting at US$25, helps designers get started faster on application designs.

    Package, availability and pricing

    The AM625 and AM623 processors are now available through TI and authorized distributors in a 13-mm-by-13-mm, 425-pin ALW package, with pricing starting at less than US$5 in 1,000-unit quantities. Full and custom-quantity reels are available on and through other channels. The AM62 EVM is available on for US$149.

    For more information, visit:

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