New online courses launched for engineers to Design for Readers and Tags

Recently, STMicroelectronics’ NFC teams have released a series of massive open online courses (MOOC) that will teach engineers and enthusiasts on how to design for readers and tags. NFC brought great innovations to products that had no electronics until now, as a wine company that’s putting our Type-5 NFC tag on its bottles can testify. And since ST was among the first to pass the Tag Certification Program and offer Type-5 devices, engineers know that the course relies on fast and feature-rich devices that will greatly complement their project. Just ask TapNLink, a company that connects to a microcontroller through NFC and that got rave reviews thanks to its solution’s incredible speed. Furthermore, as NFC continues to gain more grounds in many other markets, such as the automotive industry, as we recently explored in a Q&A, understanding how to leverage near-field communication is absolutely crucial.

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