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    New Mobile Application: Connected by Panasonic Industry

    With the new app Panasonic Industry presents an easy to use app for application developers that helps setting up showcases in conjunction with a number of wireless connectivity modules. The app features overviews about the newest modules in the categories Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 802.15.4. For each module a detailed feature list can be displayed within the app and provides an outline of the properties. In the easy accessible download section the current documentations are stored including product flyers, specifications and module integration guides.

    The app can be installed on a smartphone or tablet and connects to Panasonic Industry evaluation boards to gain access to following functionalities with currently four wireless modules:

    1. PAN1762

    • Doorbell (together with buzzer on evaluation kit): The doorbell demo rings the buzzer and the sound can be changed via smartphone
    • Cut-the-cable (together with Webdesktop application): Serial communication between a smartphone and laptop via Bluetooth
    • Send image (together with Webdesktop application): Pictures from the smartphone gallery can be transmitted via Bluetooth to the Webdesktop application

    2. PAN4620

    • Mesh demo: controls the LED on evaluation boards in a Thread network via smartphone or tablet

    3. PAN9420 & PAN9026

    • iFrame: displays a webserver running on the module / application processor

    A detailed description to prepare the module hardware for these demos, as well as the configuration of the Webdesktop app can be found in the respective documentation section of the wireless module.

    More products of Panasonic Industry’s wireless portfolio will be integrated in the Connected by Panasonic Industry app in the future. The Connected by Panasonic Industry app can be downloaded here:App Store and Google Play Store

    For more information, visit

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