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    Moxa Launches 18-Slot Rackmount Chassis Media Converter for Hi-Port-Density Applications

    Moxa has launched its new rackmount chassis media converter for high-density applications, such as passenger information systems and advanced traffic management systems. With its modular design, Moxa’s TRC-2190 series provides 18 slots for Ethernet-to-fiber management modules, which may also be used as standalone devices at field sites.

    The TRC-2190 features a fanless design, making it a more stable and reliable product. The biggest benefits of a fanless design are reduced maintenance costs and effort compared to those designs that require constant repairing of their cooling fan for heat dissipation. Supporting Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Moxa’s transparent management media converter not only enables the remote and proactive management of a network’s link and power status, but it also sends alarm notifications to network managers to handle unexpected events, such as power breakdowns and link loss. The TRC-2190’s innovative remote management capability facilitates easy troubleshooting, putting less strain on labor and reducing downtime. Furthermore, the TRC-2190 supports wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM), helping users, particularly those in the early stages of planning their network infrastructure, to save money on optical-fiber cabling costs. For easy configuration, Moxa’s solution is designed with an advanced grouping function that allows users to group slide-in modules with the same settings to cut down on installation time and effort.

    “With a fanless design and innovative remote management for easy troubleshooting, the TRC-2190 rackmount chassis media converter is the perfect fit for various large-scale networks that require centralized management and data transmission over longer distances and across multiple sites,” said Norman Wang, product manager for Moxa’s Industrial Device Connectivity Division.

    Key Features

    • 19-inch chassis for rackmount use
    • 18 slots for high port-density applications
    • Supports dual power input with redundancy
    • Fanless chassis design reduces servicing costs
    • SNMP/web console for easy management
    • -20 to 55°C operating temperature range

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