Mouser Signs Global Agreement with Molex Sensorcon

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components,  announced it has entered into a global distribution agreement with Molex Sensorcon, a leading sensor solutions company that offers advanced environmental sensing products that are well crafted, simple to use, and effective in demanding work environments. As part of the agreement, Mouser is stocking the company’s popular environmental sensor data loggers, which are designed to meet a variety of demanding domestic, professional and industrial requirements.

Molex Sensorcon Climate Logger smart data loggers, now available from Mouser Electronics, deliver reliable environmental sensor data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and light in a thin, lightweight and portable footprint. These highly accurate and durable data loggers are offered in Basic, Plus and Pro models based on the type of environmental sensing required and the number of data logs. Each monitors environmental conditions and logs the data using Molex Sensorcon’s free and intuitive software available for both Windows and macOS operating systems.

All three Climate Logger models measure temperature from minus 20 degrees C to 50 degrees C (within 0.4 degrees) and relative humidity from 0 to 100 percent (with a ±4 percent accuracy). The Climate Logger Basic model allows users to capture up to 24,576 logs. The Climate Logger Plus model adds pressure measurement from 20 kPa to 110 kPa with a 0.4 kPa accuracy and the ability to capture up to 14,043 logs. The Climate Logger Pro model measures all the same environmental data as the Plus model but includes a light sensor that measures 0–20k LUX with ±5 percent accuracy. Logging for the Pro accommodates up to 8,936 logs. All of the Climate Logger models feature a total memory size of 98 KBytes.

Molex Sensorcon’s Climate Logger smart data loggers target applications such as test and measurement equipment, education, climate mapping, sports and recreation, and hospitality and residential assessments.

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