Mouser IoT Roadshow Chennai 2019 revolutionizes new IoT products, technologies and components

Mouser Electronics, Inc, concluded the Chennai edition of its 6-city roadshow on IoT. Mouser IoT Technical Roadshow has been a popular annual event that travels through top cities in India to spread the word on new IoT products, technologies, components and thought leadership.

Understanding that the advancements of technologies applied in reinventing buildings will revolutionise the way we live and work, speakers at the roadshow shared insights into how to build these systems effectively.

The need for the “Connected Infrastructure of Tomorrow” is approaching faster than we think. From smart homes to smart offices to multi-dwelling units, 250+ attendees of the event discovered the trends in the building industry that affect the smart technology and solutions inside the building, which in turn impact the planning for tomorrow’s requirements in a connected world.

Daphne Tien, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Mouser Electronics says, “It’s my pleasure to be in Chennai, meeting engineers, exchanging ideas and being delighted at how these engineers are being inspired by or conferences series. At the same time, I appreciate the speakers from our strategic manufacturers like Amphenol, NXP, Renesas and Toshiba sharing their views on the latest technologies for IoT.”

“It is Mouser’s goal always to be the first one to bring world-class market information to engineers. We’ll continue what we do and expect these engineers to remember Mouser whenever they design amazing IoT solutions,” adds Daphne.

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