Mouser Electronics New Product Insider: January 2018

Mouser Electronics, Inc. specializes in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies. As the industry leader in New Product Introductions (NPIs), Mouser makes it a priority to stock the newest products and technologies from our 700+ manufacturer partners, giving customers an edge and helping speed time to market.

In 2017, Mouser launched a total of 2,326 new products. Last month, Mouser launched more than 270 new products ready for same-day shipment.

Some of the products introduced by Mouser last month include:

Linear Technology/Analog Devices DC1962C-KIT Starter Kit showcases the LTC2974 and LTC2977 I2C/ SMBus/PMBus power system managers and the LTC3880 dual-output PolyPhase step-down DC/DC controller.

TE Connectivity’s AmbiMate sensor module MS4 series provides motion, light, temperature, and humidity sensors plus optional sound, CO2, and/or VOC detection on a ready-to-attach PCB assembly to free design resources and speed time to market.

GaN Systems’ IMS-based evaluation platform consists of the GSP65MB-EVB motherboard and two IMS evaluation modules that demonstrate an inexpensive way to improve heat transfer, increase power density, and reduce system cost of power systems in automotive, consumer, industrial, and server or data center applications.

The ON Semiconductor RSL10 is a versatile Bluetooth 5-certified SoC that supports Bluetooth low energy technology as well as 2.4 GHz proprietary or custom protocol stacks, designed to bring ultra-low-power connectivity to IoT devices and high-performance wearables.

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