Laser Welding 101 Tutorial From Laserdyne

    Prima Power Laserdyne has published a new, 62-page ebook titled “Laser Welding 101”. Detailing proven techniques, this must reference covers laser welding requirements, comparisons to other processes, key laser welding parameters, weld joint design considerations, and capabilities with photos, drawings and charts.

    Easy to read and understand, this ebook begins with an introduction to laser welding with typical weld requirements, joint configurations and comparisons. It explains and shows results of laser welding various metals and alloys such as carbon steel, aerospace alloys, aluminum and commonly welded dissimilar metals.

    The process parameter section details laser sources and effects along with quality measurement considerations.

    A very interesting section covers Laserdyne’s Smart Techniques for laser welding. These are exclusive techniques of the LASERDYNE product line that lead to laser processes with capabilities never before demonstrated. Among these are SmartRamp that eliminates the depression at the end of a weld. Another is SmartShield which ensures robust, reliable laser welding processes by shielding the laser weld and heat affected zones and by protecting the laser beam focusing optics.

    The ebook also documents the benefits of wobbling which increases the beam diameter during laser welding to increase the width of the weld while maintaining the high efficiency of deep keyhole welding. The increase in effective beam diameter occurs by superimposing movement of the laser beam in a linear or circular pattern onto the normal motion required to follow the weld joint.

    This reference is a must read for everyone interested in laser welding as this process continues to grow rapidly with important applications from automotive and aerospace to medical devices and electronics.

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