Mouser Electronics Honored with Top Performance Awards from Manufacturer Partners

    Mouser Electronics, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has received 28 top business awards from its manufacturer partners for best-in-class distribution performance during 2021 and 2022.

    In presenting the awards, manufacturers cited criteria such as best-in-class global logistics, digital excellence, double-digit sales growth, fastest new product introductions (NPIs), commitment to teamwork, investment in inventory, breadth of inventory, and successful marketing campaigns, customer growth, and expanding footprint.

    “It’s gratifying to receive such high praise from our valued manufacturer partners,” said Jeff Newell, Senior Vice President of Products at Mouser Electronics. “Together our shared goals and emphasis on best-in-class customer service benefits engineers and purchasing professionals around the world.”

    Performance awards for excellence in 2021 and 2022 include:

    • TE Connectivity — 2021 Global High Service Distributor of the Year
    • Vishay — 2021 Americas High Service Distributor of the Year; 2021 High Service Semiconductors Distributor of the Year; 2021 EMEA High Service Distributor of the Year
    • Molex — 2021 Americas e-Catalog Distributor of the Year; 2021 APS e-Catalog Distributor of the Year
    • Amphenol SV Microwave — 2021 Distributor of the Year
    • onsemi — 2021 Global High Service Distributor
    • TDK — Distributor of the Year CY2021; Best Global Performance FY2022; European Distribution Award 2021 in the High-Service Distribution category
    • Littelfuse — 2021 Global High Service Distributor of the Year
    • Renesas — Excellence in Partnership and Professionalism
    • Bourns — 2021 e-Commerce Distributor of the Year
    • Hirose — 2021 Distributor of the Year
    • Omron Electronic Components — 2021 E-Catalog Distributor of the Year
    • Digi — NPI Distributor of the Year for 2021
    • Neutrik — 2021 Distributor Partner of the Year
    • Eaton — Distributor Partnership Award 2021
    • ECS Inc. International — 2021 Top Growth Distributor of the Year
    • Schaffner — Global Achievement Award
    • Kingbright — Distributor Excellence Award 2021
    • RECOM — 2021 Catalog Distributor of the Year
    • NorComp — Excellence in Distribution
    • u-blox — Fastest Growing Global Distribution Partner 2021
    • Micro Commercial Components (MCC) — Outstanding Channel Partner
    • E-T-A Circuit Breakers — 2021 Sales Growth Achievement
    • Teltonika — Gold Partner in USA

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