Mouser Electronics and Tronics Sign Global Distribution Agreement

    Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, announces a global distribution agreement with Tronics Microsystems, a TDK Group company that designs and manufactures innovative nano and microsystems, to distribute the company’s high-performance accelerometers, gyroscopes and sensor evaluation kits. Meeting growing demand for the increasing miniaturization of electronic devices, Tronics provides superior microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors to the industrial, aeronautics, security, and medical markets.

    The Tronics product portfolio, available from Mouser Electronics, includes the company’s GYPRO gyroscopes and AXO accelerometers, which are manufactured, packaged and calibrated at Tronics’ Crolles facility near Grenoble, France. The complementary product lines feature MEMS transducers produced using Tronics’ proprietary wafer-level packaging technology based on micro-machined thick single crystal silicon, to deliver best-in-class performance and accuracy in an ultra-compact design. The devices are calibrated and compensated for temperature effects, allowing for high-accuracy digital output over a broad temperature range.

    The GYPRO product line of MEMS gyroscopes (also known as angular rate sensors) provides high-performance solutions for very demanding applications, such as precision instrumentation, platform stabilization, guidance and navigation control, attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), unmanned and autonomous vehicles, three dimensional mapping, and robotics. The sensors combine all key benefits on a single chip, featuring excellent bias instability of 0.8 degrees per hour and ultra-low noise of only 0.15 degrees per √h. The standard GYPRO2300 features a data rate of 200 Hz with 40 millisecond (ms) latency, while the GYPRO2300LD offers a data rate of 1700 Hz at 2 ms latency, and the GYPRO3300 boasts improved vibration tolerance and a latency of 1 ms, thanks to an improved integrated circuit.

    Tronics’ AXO215 high-performance MEMS accelerometer combines size, weight, power and performance benefits on a single chip. The product features a closed-loop configuration that enables low non-linearity of 100 ppm over a 15 g range. Housed in a small 12 mm × 12 mm hermetic J-lead ceramic package to ensure reliable performance levels in harsh environments and mechanical stress decoupling from the host system, the AXO215 accelerometer includes an embedded temperature sensor for on-chip or external temperature compensation. The device delivers superior acceleration-sensing performance for very demanding applications, such as precision instrumentation, unmanned vehicles, and avionics.

    Tronics also offers the GYPRO-EVB2 evaluation kit and AXO-EVB3 evaluation kit, which are specifically designed to interface with the Arduino M0 open-source electronic prototyping platform. These plug-and-play systems feature a compact design and integrate Tronics’ proprietary evaluation software to help design engineers test and develop Tronics’ standard high-performance inertial products into their own designs.

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