Microlease creates a top-notch platform with global footprints through new identities

    Microlease, the world leader in test equipment sourcing, has officially announced that from April 2019 it will trade as Electro Rent across Asia, representing the next step in the integration of the Microlease and Livingston brands following the successful acquisition of Microlease by Electro Rent in February 2017.

    “We are extremely excited about bringing all three brands together to create a premier platform with a global footprint,” said David Whitfield, CEO, Electro Rent Asia. “We are now, by far, the largest single supplier of test and measurement equipment in our industry.”

    The consolidation includes all of the company’s operations in the Indian cities of Gurgaon and Bangalore, the Malaysian state of Penang, and the ROC state of Taiwan. All future Chinese operations will also operate under Electro Rent Asia. Together the value of the group’s assets available to rent, lease or buy will be in excess of $1 billion, making it the largest inventory in the industry.

    With a team of highly technical experts covering all aspects of engineering, along with finance and asset management specialists, Electro Rent Asia will be in a position to service a wider range of customers and solve the biggest technical and financial challenges they face with respect to test and measurement.

    “In addition to the vast inventory of equipment available to buy, lease or rent, Electro Rent Asia will offer world-class asset management for companies looking to maximize their existing investment,” said Nigel Brown, CEO, Electro Rent Global. “This is exciting news for our customers, our employees and all our partners. We will better serve our markets through an expanded equipment fleet and broader geographical coverage, ensuring better availability levels and a higher level of technical service.”

    The North American operations headquarters are based at Corporate Pointe, West Hills, San Fernando CA, while EMEA operations will continue to be run out of the London offices. Operations in Singapore will remain branded as Livingston for the near future.

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