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    Light + Building 2018: Special show SECURE! Connected Security in Buildings

    Preparations for Light + Building are thoroughly underway and are producing a new highlight, in the shape of “SECURE! Connected Security in Buildings”, in Hall 9.1. Technical advice and project management is being provided by the engineering practice of Canzler GmbH.

    What is behind the new special show?
    A live demonstration showing a wide variety of features of security technology in a real environment, featuring typical commercial uses. In this way, the visitor can experience or feel realistic applications, because the building, interior finishings, technology, uses, and events are linked interactively and in a cross-functional and cross-brand way.

    What is particular about SECURE?
    Technology, and thus also security technology, are systems to deal with uses or events. The components for this purpose (hardware, software, implementation, operation) hardly interest the users or the investors. Only when they are realised in real applications in the environment of SECURE!, where they can be experienced, will these components come to life and show their use or possibilities in their whole linkage.

    What will be shown in the three scenarios, hotel, office, and industry?
    Typical and pioneering applications for these three commercial uses will be set out at this point. These three scenarios have been chosen because they frequently occur in new buildings, building conversions or building repairs and, on the other hand, the latter have very different needs and requirements. Along with typical security-related applications, this linkage also produces further security-related benefits.

    What benefits can be drawn from a visit to the special show?
    As a result of their experiences in SECURE!, visitors will sharpen their knowledge to the benefit of their projects and find aids to decision making – what is possible, on the one hand, and what they have or intend to have on the other. Our engineers, who will be present at the special show, will be available for questions, discussions, suggestions, and networking. Links will be provided in addition to the exhibitor companies which are jointly responsible for the realisation.

    How has the special show been created?
    After initial ideas a year and a half ago, Canzler developed the overall concept together with Messe Frankfurt and involved exhibitors attending the fair from the draft-planning stage onwards. The participating exhibitors – there are now more than 40 – are contributing the components of their specialist knowledge to the overall planning and coordination provided by Canzler.


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