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    Leti Will Demonstrate Fusion Of Autonomous Car’s Senses at CES 2017

    SIGMA FUSION’s Efficient, Sensor-based System Fits in a Microcontroller Platform, Anticipates Safety Requirements

    SIGMA FUSION, Leti’s innovative low-cost solution for autonomous cars, transforms the myriad of incoming distance data into clear information about the driving environment. This efficient perception system, which Leti will demonstrate at CES 2017, combines, merges and feeds exhaustive data to an autonomous car’s autopilot, providing all it needs to guarantee safe driving. It is able to detect any kind of obstacle and to assess obstacle-free spaces for safe route navigation.

    SIGMA FUSION processes information signaled by its “senses”: a stereo camera and two LIDARs. A LIDAR, short for light detection and ranging, is a remote-sensing method. SIGMA FUSION is compatible with any kind of range sensors, leveraging data from the best sensors.

    SIGMA FUSION highlights include:

    • Multi-sensor fusion compatible with any type of sensor
    • Safe assessment of obstacle-free space surrounding the vehicle
    • Fast, accurate environmental perception
    • Real-time performance in a mass-market microcontroller
    • Predictable behavior and proven reliability to prepare for automotive-certification process
    • 100 times more energy efficient than comparable systems
    • Affordable and tailored to all vehicle types and models

    “SIGMA FUSION is a critical part of the core of the autonomous car’s brain, and can be embedded on the already certified ASIL-D automotive platform,” said Leti CEO Marie Semeria. “Leti will further develop this technology by integrating state-of-the-art sensor technologies, including LIDAR, radar, vision, ultrasound and time-of-flight cameras into the system. We also will transform proof of concept into certified engineering platforms in the automotive and other industries.”

    Leti’s team will demonstrate its breakthrough technologies at Booth 50648-50650, in Eureka Park.

    Leti is a member of the French Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional delegation at CES 2017.

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