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    Launching New Framework for Best Practice Approach to Modernization Projects

    Micro Focus announced the introduction of the industry’s first Modernization Maturity Model, a best practice approach refined through thousands of successful customer engagements to assist customers and partners as they plan and implement their own unique approach to digital transformation. The Micro Focus model ensures that no vital details are overlooked by customers during the initial assessment of their current situation and offers practical guidance in terms of the required destination for each of their modernization initiatives.

    “We are delighted to launch the Micro Focus Modernization Maturity Model today, which provides a new framework to highlight the most important considerations any organization should have when embarking on a modernization journey,” said Chris Livesey, Senior Vice President, Application Modernization and Connectivity, Micro Focus. “A critical success factor in any such project is the clarity and unity of the stakeholder groups involved, and for the first time, this new model from Micro Focus provides a standard set of terms and classifications that consider viability, complexity and effort.”

    Starting with an understanding of the requirements for change from an operational, or business, perspective, the Modernization Maturity Model follows a review of the technical drivers for change. Looking at modernization through all related lenses enables Micro Focus’ customers and partners to consider and plot their own modernization landscape and required journey for each initiative.

    Customers can realise highly valuable benefits through leveraging the Micro Focus Modernization Maturity Model, for example:

    • Stronger and earlier alignment of stakeholders on a modernization vision which considers all applications and data.
    • A more practical evaluation of architecture and deployment options to optimise application performance and scalability.
    • The ability to build more accurate return-on-investment assessments for each stage of the modernization journey.

    Underpinning the Maturity Model is the Micro Focus Modernization solution, a holistic, enterprise scale suite of technology that helps customers choose their own modernization path, all based on the premise of protecting, rather than discarding strategic IT investments. With the Modernization Maturity Model implemented as a planning structure and the Micro Focus modernization solutions as technical vehicles, customers can access a practical framework for success in their company’s modernization journey.

    “Micro Focus’ Modernization Maturity Model further illustrates their capability and experience, underlining their position as true experts in the field of application modernization,” said Steve Stuart, CTO of Astadia. “Astadia is a leading provider in application modernization services and our industry expertise and use of class-leading Micro Focus technology is the cornerstone of our many successful client projects.” “Microsoft offers a truly enterprise-class platform to support our customers’ modernization to the cloud,” said Bob Ellsworth, Director Mainframe Transformation, Microsoft. “As a long-standing Micro Focus partner, we see their Modernization Maturity Model as valuable best-practice in helping our customers modernize their core business systems to Azure.”

    “As a committed Micro Focus partner, we enable our customers across various vertical industries transform the core systems using a blend of our implementation expertise and Micro Focus technology,” said Durga Prasad, AVP, Global Head of Modernization Practice, Zensar Technologies. “The new Modernization Maturity Model from Micro Focus outlines best practices and vital considerations that will help our clients navigate and accelerate their modernization journey.”

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