KYOCERA AVX Launches New Interactive Component Search Tool

    KYOCERA AVX has launched a new interactive component search tool. Available as a fixed navigation menu option on the KYOCERA AVX website and accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone, the new component search tool allows users to quickly and easily explore an extensive selection of the company’s proven portfolio of expertly engineered antennas, capacitors, circuit protection devices, filters, couplers, and inductors, as well as view and purchase available stock from its authorized distributor network.

    The new component search tool groups KYOCERA AVX’s products by their technologies and common features to make it faster and easier for users to identify and select component solutions ideally suited for their unique application requirements. The user-friendly interface features filtering menus that allow customers to quickly narrow down the list of suitable components and clickable product selections represented by component pictures. Once users narrow their search to a specific product line, they will receive a list of active part numbers. Clicking one of the part numbers will reveal detailed product data including parameters, descriptive information, downloads such as spec sheets, datasheets, and product catalogs, and available product stock at authorized KYOCERA AVX distributors.

    “Our new interactive component search tool provides users with a quick and easy way to access our extensive selection of expertly engineered, field-proven electronic components optimized for use in applications spanning the commercial, industrial, automotive, medical, defense, and space markets,” said Jiri Machanicek, product manager, KYOCERA AVX – Europe. “Adding this search tool to our website simplifies and hastens the component selection process by making it easy for users to navigate through a series of intuitive filtering options, access detailed product information, and view and click through to stock available for purchase at authorized KYOCERA AVX distributors.”

    Later this year, KYOCERA AVX will expand the current selection of searchable products to include additional primary product groups, such as connectors and crystal devices.

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