KYMCO unveils one-stop EV solution platform Ionex Commercial

    Taiwanese auto company KYMCO launched Ionex Commercial, a total solution platform to execute the transition to electric. Ionex Commercial is a tailor-made EV turnkey solution that enables businesses and government in shifting to electric mobility. This solution comprises of a complete arrangement of electric vehicles, charging facilities, removable batteries and advanced IT systems, as per the company release.

    “What is desperately needed is a dependable, one-stop provider to assemble an all-encompassing array of capabilities to support the electric transition,” said Allen Ko,Chairman KYMCO describing the value proposition of Ionex Commercial. “And therefore, Ionex Commercial is created to provide a total solution to empower and enable all businesses and governments to go electric.”

    The company confirmed that Ionex Commercial will provide a range of cutomizable electric scooters and bikes along with charging station solutions which can be customized to meet diverse business requirements. This solution has also patented for smart battery that works with different types of vehicles.

    Beyond this, the platform is providing public transit solution, vehicle sharing solution and industry-specific packaged solutions for smoother transition to electric mobility.

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