Kingston’s Unique ‘What’s In Your Rashi’ Campaign Across Four Cities

Kingston’s Unique ‘What’s In Your Rashi’ Campaign Across Four Cities

  • Over 300 shops visited across Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata
  • Unique engagement campaign for retail stores for Kingston’s focus on Service
  • Campaign to go live in Bangalore soon


Kingston today completed its 2-day ‘What’s In Your Rashi’ campaign across Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Bangalore will soon have the same high-impact and engaging campaign. With this unique outreach, the brand visited over 300 retail outlets to create awareness about the benefits that retailers can get with its new service partner for India – RP Tech Care Center, a service division of Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd.

In Kingston’s ‘What’s In Your Rashi’ campaign, promoters visited retail shops dressed as Tarot card readers and with custom-made tarot cards. The promoters engaged with the shop owners in context with Kingston’s dedication to provide the best Service & Quality.


With the successful campaign, Kingston received a very good response from retailers across all cities that it reached out to. The brand was also successful in re-emphasizing on its newest partnership for service and on its excellence in customer service.


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