Jenoptik and RAYLASE Offer Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Application Solutions

    Successful installation of Jenoptik’s latest ultra-short pulse laser at the laser application laboratory of the new site of RAYLASE Laser Technology opens up new opportunities in the joint development of application solutions for customers in China.

    By combining their expertise and many years of experience in the laser industry, RAYLASE and Jenoptik have reached an important milestone in the field of laser material processing in China. The Jenoptik subsidiary in China, JENOPTIK (Shanghai) Precision Instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd has installed its latest laser technology for industrial micromachining, JenLas® femto 16, at the new laser application laboratory of RAYLASE Laser Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd in Shenzhen, one of the important players in the laser component business, offering galvoscanner-based laser beam deflection systems.

    This step provides the two technology companies with new opportunities for future joint activities in the Chinese laser market, which is one of the most dynamic and attractive markets for industrial laser material processing. It also allows customers to benefit from an extended performance range and the ability to offer more complex solutions in the future, consisting of laser sources, optical components, beam analysis, and process control.

    “The bundling of our business strength and technology know-how forms an ideal basis to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers, to respond even better to the needs of the market, and enables us to realize customer-specific laser application solutions,” explains Dennis He, Senior Sales Manager for Jenoptik’s laser business in China. These solutions are mainly used in industrial production from the medical device and automotive industry through electronic components to precision mechanics and the watch industry. “With the equipment in the application laboratory, we are able to offer customers the opportunity to directly experience our comprehensive laser competence portfolio in use. That will help us to meet their demands as best as possible,” adds Dennis He.

    Expertise in Laser Micromachining

    As one of the leading suppliers for industrial lasers worldwide, Jenoptik has been offering efficient and high quality solutions for micromachining applications ranging from laser sources through optics and microoptics to optoelectronics for several decades.

    The performance of Jenoptik’s ultra-short pulse lasers is ideal for high-precision cutting, drilling, marking and structuring. This ensures, for example, the accurate drilling of microtubes or filigreed biodegradable stents for the medical device industry. Beside the exact micro drilling of particle filters or injection nozzles, which are used in the automotive sector, Jenoptik tools also enable fine cut-outs of mechanical components for the watch industry or precise cutting of electronic components such as micro clamps for electrical contacts.

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