IOT – AI to Change Landscape of Connected Device Industry

Sasken, Product engineering Services Company is converting them to ride the digital wave by enabling product development for connected experiences. Sasken is operating in verticals such as semiconductors, automotive, enterprise grade devices, smart devices and wearables, industrial automation, retail, satellite communication, and telecom.

Hari Haran, President – Global Sales, Marketing & Business Lines for Sasken Technologies, during his recent visit to India said, “We want to grow substantially in these segments by taking advantage of the opportunities that are being created by the disruptions happening in these five industries. IoT and AI will change the landscape of these industries. This will give us an opportunity to position ourselves as a company enabling the creation of products that make connected experiences possible. Sasken has initiated activity in the area of data analytics and machine learning to position itself as the ‘Chip to Cognitive’ company.”

Sasken has already achieved 100 customers across these segments. They are providing product engineering and digital transformation services to global tier-1 customers like British Telecom, Qualcomm, Harman, Sony, Inmarsat, GE, Texas Instruments and Motorola Solutions.

Formed in 1989, Sasken helps businesses in the communications value chain to boost life cycles of product development. Last two years saw the embedded communications solutions company sliding as some of their customers in the sector got interrupted.

Sasken has made a “5×5 vision” with a focus on automotive electronics, semiconductors, communications, industrial automation and consumer segments for coming five years.  Companies which are there in these verticals are heavily investing in the technology to be ahead of digital disruption. Sasken is going to focus on these 5 verticals and planning to grow their revenue to $250 million in 5 years heavily in technology to stay ahead of digital disruption. Sasken will focus on these five verticals to grow its revenue to $250 million in five years.

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