This Technology Will Let Play Video Games without Arms or Hands

    A technology has been developed by The University of Central Florida that will allow people without arms or hands to play video games. According to WESH, The technology allows gamers to operate controller with their muscle movements, which will send signals to sensors.

    The signal will allow users to jump, smash or make any other movement with characters of video games. Moreover, for fun, the goal of the video games is to get children without limbs to give training to their muscles for new prosthetics.

    The game was tested by the 9-year-old boy named Alex pring, who was given a robotic arm which was engineered by Limbitless Solutions in 2015. Pring’s arm was delivered by Robert Downey Jr., it dubbed the ‘Iron Man’ arm.

    Pete Smith, a professor at UCF, told WESH, “It was almost a life-changing event the first time we saw the kids play the games. And I could not be happier with the result.”

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