Innovative end-to-end solution for IIoT introduced for true edge intelligence and versatile cloud connectivity

    The “Edge” is where the world of industrial operations meets enterprise systems and IoT software. Connecting and integrating data between these two domains, and making the system secure, is anything but simple. HMS Networks addresses this problem with a new end-to-end concept, featuring Anybus Edge Gateways for connecting to industrial hardware, the HMS Hub, HMS’ new solution for secure data connectivity and integration to IoT software, as well as a customizable Hub portal with data management and visualization features.

    Anybus Edge brings intelligence to industrial equipment

    With Anybus Edge Gateways, data from devices and machines can be accessed in an easy and secure way, also allowing full data and device management over the application lifecycle. Installed on the factory floor, the Edge Gateways enable intelligent decentralized operations to be executed close to the data sources. From the gateways, user-defined data is provided via HMS Hub to the cloud over a secure connection. Perfect for monitoring applications, the solution also enables all connected industrial equipment to be controlled from IoT applications in a smart way.

    HMS Hub – secure edge connectivity with a powerful broker

    The Anybus Edge Gateways are tightly connected to HMS Hub, HMS new solution for industrial data connectivity. HMS Hub includes a powerful broker that provides services and actions to manage inbound and outbound gateway data, including all configuration, device management and security aspects. HMS Hub also enables full data integration to 3rd party clouds and enterprise systems in a simple and secure way, allowing the value of the system to be realized for all types of industrial IoT applications.

    IIoT-systems that are installed today in factories need to be capable of handling future threats and changes. Devices and machines need to be updated over the lifecycle, not the least since the biggest security threat for any system is an out of date device with a known vulnerability.

    The Anybus Edge Gateways and HMS Hub are designed to meet the highest requirements for security and data integrity as well as device management. With these elements combined into an end-to-end solution, users keep full control over their data, which is also being fully protected. Device management features allow for the system to be controlled, monitored and updated, ensuring that threats can be averted and that the system can be updated in future scenarios.

    Connecting almost anything to the Edge

    The first release of Anybus Edge offers gateway connectivity to industrial equipment on PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, M-bus, Analog and Digital I/O. More connectivity options will be added in later releases, wireless as well as wired.

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