Infineon presents New logic level MOSFET family

In PQFN package to deliver high power density

Infineon Technologies AG introduces a new logic level IR MOSFET family. It comprises three different voltage classes, 60 V, 80 V, and 100 V. The new devices are available in a 2 mm x 2 mm PQFN package which is perfect for form-factor critical wireless charging, adapter, and telecom applications. The small package size enables higher power density and improved efficiency. At the same time it is saving space, reducing parts count, and reducing overall system cost.

The new IR MOSFET devices in the PQFN package deliver between 11 and 40 percent lower RDS(on) than competitive products. The ultra-low gate charge (Qg) reduces switching losses without increasing conduction losses. In addition, the output capacitance (COSS) and reverse recovery charge (Qrr) have been optimized, the FOMg (RDS(on) x Qg/gd) improved. This allows the IR MOSFET devices to operate at high switching frequencies of up to 6.78 MHz – as required in resonant wireless charging applications. The logic level gate drive provides a low gate threshold voltage (VGS(th)) which means that the MOSFETs can be driven at 5 V and directly from microcontrollers.


The IR MOSFET family is available now in 60 V and 80 V, with a 100 V device in development. Further information is available at

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