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    Infineon at CES 2017: Microelectronics define and enable tomorrow’s consumer trends

    Semiconductors are the key components enabling mega trends in today’s society, including the mobility revolution and an energy-smart world, a security driven IoT and Augmented Reality for mobile devices. These trends and others are featured at CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show, January 5-8, 2017, Las Vegas), and Infineon Technologies will demonstrate how its innovations are making life easier, safer and greener in its exhibit, located in Booth MP25265 in South Hall 2 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    The Mobility Revolution

    Developments in both public and private transportation show how mobility is shifting from gasoline to hybrid and electric vehicles. Also, safety enhancing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) will be incorporated into  even greener self-driving cars in near future. Infineon helps to accelerate this development with several technological advances. The company will show how automated driving is becoming reality thanks to such technologies as 77 GHz radar and lidar, 3D-cameras for driver monitoring and secure software updates over the air (SOTA).

    Sensing the World

    Apart from automotive applications, Infineon’s technology also helps control building automation systems. It keeps multi copters on-course and lets people control machines with a simple wave of the hand. Highlights in the Infineon booth range from popular examples such as consumer drones, to innovative street lights that feature both 24 GHz radar intelligence and chargers for e-vehicles.

    Making the IoT real

    In smart devices and smart homes, Infineon’s technologies are changing how people interact with the machines they use every day. The newest technology advances will make the next-generation of always-on broadband wireless communications a reality. Smart home and building automation will be illustrated vividly, with smart applications accessible for everyone, already today.

    Securing Your World

    To fully leverage the advances of web-based services and payment systems, both privacy and the safety of personal information must be secured. Infineon’s security ICs help to keep users’ digital identities safe, to protect their computers and smart devices from hackers, and enable cashless payments that are simple and secure. Infineon will show how NFC technology supports convenient payment with devices from rings to watches and how the FIDO Alliance increases security through two-factor authentication in the connected world.

    Delivering Green Power

    Experts estimate that efficiency programs save energy at 1/3 the cost of new generation1, making energy efficiency an ideal resource for consumer and industrial electricity markets. Power electronics and controllers building on Infineon’s expertise are at the heart of green power systems for lighting, power supplies and device chargers, making it possible to save energy practically everywhere and every time it is used. Power saving demos at CES 2017 will include electronics to drive smooth dimming LEDs, high-efficiency power supply components for home and street lighting, and tiny, super-efficient power adapters/chargers.

    Powering Your Life

    Infineon understands how semiconductors increase the performance and efficiency of modern technology and enable solutions that shape the way people live, work and play. Not only industry has its demands – so have consumers. Infineon shows that its power solutions go in “cool” applications, from the world’s most powerful hair dryer to state-of-the-art audio amplifiers.

    More information about Infineon’s demonstrations at CES 2017 is available at:

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