Infineon displayed iMOTION based High-efficient XMC microcontrollers and motor control solutions

At the Embedded World 2017 Exhibition and Conference, Infineon Technologies AG presents its ARM-based XMC microcontroller advancements for a wide range of industrial applications as well as motor control solutions based on iMotion. The novelties include development support that significantly reduces design complexity, development time and system cost, and helps speed-up DALI certified LED designs.

Expansion of iMOTION solution platform dedicated to motor control
Infineon launches its next-generation of iMOTION for motor control solutions. Target applications are home appliances, air conditioning systems, pumps, fans and multicopters. The new iMOTION 2.0 offers system cost savings of about 30 percent, combined with an extremely easy implementation. It is designed to make a motor run within 10 minutes. This is enabled by a professional turnkey solution for FOC (Field Oriented Control) combined with a high level of system integration. iMOTION 2.0 is based on the ARM powered MCE2.0 (Motion Control Engine). Today, iMOTION solutions already manage energy and cost efficient BLDC motor control in more than 65 million systems such as air conditioning systems, and multi copters.

LED development kit with DALI v2 certified software stack
Optimizing its development support for LED lighting applications, Infineon now cooperates with Xenerqi Ltd. headquartered in Hong Kong. Together the companies will develop a DALI v2.0 certified software stack for the microcontroller family XMC1000, usingan ARM Cortex-M0 processor. The stack will be certified on a Xenerqi proprietary LED control board, on its family of LED drivers and on a XMC1300 LED kit of Infineon. Designers of LED lighting systems benefit immensely from such a certified kit plus software as it may cut by half the regular development times of a DALI v2.0 certified slave to control LED lamps. A first trial version of the software stack will be presented at Embedded World. The DALI v2.0 certified software stack plus reference kit is scheduled to be available as of mid-2017.

Technical details on the iMOTION solution platform and its modular application design kits are available at and at offers information on the XMC microcontrollers. Details on the free integrated development platform environment DAVE are available at and DAVE is for all XMC microcontrollers and makes development of application-oriented software user-friendly. Also, it eases transition between the XMC1000 and XMC4000 families.