Industrial Automation Portfolio with Notable Suppliers portrayed

    Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, continues to strengthen their offering of Industrial Automation (IA) components, enhancing design and project capabilities in countless IA applications. The company has added over 14,000+ Industrial Automation part numbers to their portfolio in categories such as sensors, cables, safety devices, control monitors, relays, timers, switches, lighting, and controllers, among others.

    Aside from the product lines from Digi-Key’s traditional suppliers such as OMRON, TE, Panasonic, Molex, and others, the company has added 15 new lines and in the past year, including products from Altech, SICK, IDEC, Carlo Gavazzi, and Belden.

    “Digi-Key aims to be the industry leader and single source for IA products and solutions for customers all over the world,” said Eric Wendt, Strategic Program Development Director, Industrial Automation at Digi-Key. “Industrial Automation is a vast industry that complements our current offering and plays a critical part in building automation, factories, Industry 4.0, and more. We want to partner with designers and purchasers in these application areas to help enable the innovation and functionality of their systems, processes, and machinery”, he added.

    Digi-Key also recently updated their industrial automation landing page, offering more graphical links and adds the ability to find related parts. The page is also more mobile-friendly, catering to users who need parts in the moment or on the go.



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