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    Indium Corporation to Feature Innovative Products for EV, Mobile, and Semiconductor Applications at productronica India

    Indium Corporation is proud to feature its innovative products for exciting and diverse industries such as EV manufacturing, mobile, 5G, and semiconductors at productronica India, September 21-23, in Greater Noida, India.

    Indium Corporation is a proud supporter of the Make in India campaign and is committed to serving its customers and partners in the Indian electronics market as a world-class electronics assembly material supplier. Indium Corporation is positioned to support the region’s growing need for consumer and infrastructure electronics with its facility in Chennai, India.

    “At Indium Corporation, our motto of From One Engineer to Another is more than a phrase; it is a commitment to collaborating with customers and partners on the challenges facing our industry,” said Tim Twining, vice president of sales, marketing, and technical service. “In support of that, Indium Corporation’s team has continued to position ourselves to support our global customers by ensuring we are geographically located to provide industry-leading technical support and that we continue to innovate new materials and processes to answer the evolving needs of today and tomorrow.”

    Indium Corporation will feature selections from its portfolio of proven products for the semiconductor industry, as well as fine-feature solder products for mobile device assembly applications, and precision materials for high-reliability 5G communications.

    With its significant automotive industry expertise and an award-winning portfolio of proven products, Indium Corporation will also feature its Rel-ion suite of electrical, mechanical, and thermal solutions which are designed to be reliable, scalable, and proven materials to reduce electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers’ time to market.

    More than 2 million EVs are on the street with Indium Corporation’s Rel-ion products. Rel-ion material solutions deliver reliability by:

    • Eliminating non-wet opens and head-in-pillow defects
    • Preventing dendritic growth by meeting stricter surface insulation resistance requirements
    • Preventing solder delamination with precise bondline control and increased creep and fatigue resistance
    • Reducing hot spots-induced voiding through improved thermal efficiency

    Some of the Rel-ion suite products include:

    • Award-winning Durafuse LT, a patented mixed-alloy technology that provides superior drop shock performance to conventional low-temperature solders, outclassing BiSn or BiSnAg alloys, and performing better than SAC305 with optimum process setup
    • The Indium8.9HF Solder Paste Series, is an industry-proven solder paste series that delivers no-clean, halogen-free solutions designed to enhance electrical reliability, improve stability during the printing process, and deliver low-voiding for high-reliability automotive electronics

    Indium Corporation has also expanded its free InSIDER Series of webinars to include the Driving e-Mobility: Rel-ion Technical Webinars. This series features global industry technical experts in advanced materials and the automotive market with all sessions moderated by Brian O’Leary, global head of e-Mobility and infrastructure. This series of webinars is intended specifically for those involved in the field of e-Mobility, whether new to the industry or with several years of experience as the EV industry undergoes rapid growth and evolution.

    O’Leary also co-hosts Indium Corporation’s free webcast series, EV InSIDER Live, with Loren McDonald of EVAdoption, which sheds light on the most pressing issues from across the dynamic and rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape. Conducted in an approachable, conversational format suitable for business executives, casual observers, and seasoned engineers alike, each episode features a high-profile guest from the EV industry.

    Register for upcoming webinars and webcasts at

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