IT companies connecting startups for autonomous vehicle

    HCL is testing the vehicle retrofitted with autonomous capabilities such as sensors, cameras that will help the car see all around, new-technology braking systems, and a self-learning navigation platform that will collate scenarios through simulations.

    The car will never hit the market, but like its rivals in India’s IT services industry such as Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services, and Tech Mahindra, HCL is building these capabilities to showcase to potential customers.

    A CB Insights report says 46 companies including carmakers such as General Motors, Audi and Ford, besides components makers such as Bosch, Continental and Delphi, are working on autonomous cars or enabling technologies for such vehicles.

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    “The challenge is to hit the right balance between costs and features, and we are a long way from there. Initially, we are trying to come up with specific use case of the algorithms, especially unique ones, which are part of the maturity curve,” GH Rao, president of engineering services at HCL, said.

    TCS has a team of over 800 engineers working with both established carmakers as well as startups in Silicon Valley that are rushing to build autonomous vehicles.

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