India to Launch EV Policy: Narendra Modi

    Clean and sustainable are the two words which will define mobility in the near future, stated Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    Most automotive manufacturers and countries too have begun putting in efforts in the right earnest towards mobility which is electric/makes use of alternative fuel. The situation in India is a little different, though. While many countries have a proper road map made especially for electric vehicles, India is yet to get one.

    In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has categorically mentioned that the government will come out with a detailed and thorough EV policy and road map soon. However, the PM did not mention a timeline as to when the formal policy on EVs will be ready and put into action, reported NDTV in a recent report.

    He informed that India will soon put in place a stable policy-regime around electric and other alternative fuel vehicles. Supporting it further he stated that policies will be designed as a win-win for all, and enable huge opportunities in the automotive sector.

    “Clean mobility powered by clean energy is our most powerful weapon in our fight against climate change,” PM Modi said at an industry event in New Delhi. “We should champion the idea of ‘clean kilometres’.”

    The policy will focus on vehicles which run on alternate fuel along with electric vehicles too. The policy will look to encourage vehicle and component manufacturers to increase production and sale of vehicles which run on electricity and alternate fuels such as bio-diesel, CNG etc.

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