IESA to Market Electronic Products from Maker Village in Kerala


There seems to be good news on the board for electronics manufacturers in Kerala’s Maker Village. Reports have surfaced that the Indian Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) has expressed interest in marketing and providing mentorship to manufacturers in the village to help them introduce their products in the market.

Alongside, IESA is reportedly also planning to set up a branch office in the southern state, most likely in the city of Kochi as said by Anilkumar Muniswamy, chairman, executive council, IESA.

After visiting Maker Village on Wednesday, said Muniswamy,”The biggest value we can bring to Maker Village is to take products of the companies from incubation stage to commercialization. We want to have a tie-up with Maker Village and see that all these startup kind of companies will mature and their products are identified by the industry leaders so that, they get the right kind of funding for commercial purpose.”

While praising the CM Vijayan’s state government, Muniswamy said that the incubation facilities provided to manufacturers in the village are at par with Taiwanese, Japanese, and Swedish standards.

“Here in Maker Village, from development to funding, everything is linked and the state government is committed to supporting the ecosystem. Besides, in terms of space allocation, this is the biggest I have ever seen when compared to the above-mentioned countries,” Muniswamy added.

Maker Village Chairman, Madhavan Nambiar pointed out that this initiative will “help them in understanding what IESA can offer” and eventually help the people at the village to work closely and in tandem with the engineers in Bengaluru.

IESA is one of India’s most prominent and respected trade bodies that is committed to promoting the electronics system design infrastructure in India.