How-To: Asset Tracking on Sigfox in Minutes with our Function Pack

The version 2.0 of the FP-ATR-SIGFOX1 Function Pack, recently available for download, brings the ability to use a Bluetooth Low Energy peer-to-peer connection to configure some of the behaviors of our Sigfox stack (X-CUBE-SFXS2LP1) and S2-LP sub-gigahertz module. STMicroelectronics is also releasing a mobile application, ST Asset Tracking, for Android – an iOS version is on the way – so developers can quickly start testing this new feature with a smartphone before they work on their software. Additionally, a brand new web Dashboard facilitates the registration and management of devices. As a result, beyond offering libraries and tools to more easily create feature-rich applications, STMicroelectronics provides graphical user interfaces and web utilities to more immediately see what their solutions can do.

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