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    Honeywell Blenze Plus: India’s 1st anti-bacterial flat Switch

    Hygiene and Infection control is now becoming increasingly important in environments like hospitals, hotels, and homes. Anti-microbial coating impregnated with silver ions inhibits microbial growth to improve hygiene.

    The active ingredients, silver ions, used in the Honeywell Blenze plus products are incorporated during the manufacturing process and are active for the entire life of the product.

    The Honeywell Blenze plus switches are completely flush with the front plate in ‘off’ condition making them appear flat on the wall. They have a shroudless rocker with positive action. The range is future proofed 10AX and is IP 20 rated, making it truly a next generation switch range. The switches are designed with RH base for easy installation and are engineered with ant ingress design giving it complete protection from ant entry. The 32A DP switch can carry heavy resistive and inductive loads up to 7.68 kW. The lenses, in the switch, are textured for better visibility of indicators.

    Key Features of Honeywell Blenze plus flat switches:

    • Front loading and removal for easy installation
    •  Universal adaptability
    • Sturdy muscular construction
    • Single window aperture
    • Anti-single pin entry shutters
    • Silky-satin matte finish
    • Secure socket engagement
    • Anti-pull snap
    • Maintains antibacterial properties for the entire life of the product
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