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    Hikvision Launches new DeepinView Bullet Cameras with TandemVu Technology

    Hikvision recently announced the launch of its new DeepinView bullet network cameras with TandemVu technology, expanding the reach of TandemVu technology from PTZ units to bullet-styled models. As their name implies, the new TandemVu-enabled bullet cameras are also able to monitor large scenes and close-up details simultaneously, maintaining both ‘viewpoints’ for improved situational awareness and security capability.

    Distinguishing from its PTZ ‘sibling’, DeepinView bullet cameras with TandemVu feature two adjacent bullet lenses. While the top fixed lens provides the big picture at all times, the bottom motorized lens features a 10-50 mm focal length (8A86), or an 8-32mm focal length (8A46), designed to check on specific security events in detail.

    Features and benefits of the DeepinView bullet cameras with TandemVu

    The requirement of obtaining detailed views while not sacrificing the overall viewpoint drives security technology companies to continuously innovate new types of camera, just like those powered by Hikvision’s TandemVu technology. They integrate the capabilities of multiple cameras in a single unit, boasting reliable and even greater security performance. They also reduce installation efforts with devices that are less cumbersome, making security operators’ job easier.

    With Hikvision’s TandemVu-enabled bullet cameras, users can benefit from the following features.

    Two-in-one design for cost savings

    By applying DeepinView bullet cameras with TandemVu, users eliminate the need to deploy two separate cameras with doubled purchasing cost, installation and maintenance costs, as well as the required technical skills for product linkage. The camera’s two-in-one design also means there is only one IP channel to manage, and only one license is needed on the video management software (VMS) platform.

    4K DarkFighter for superb image clarity

    The DeepinView bullet cameras with TandemVu also inherit Hikvision’s ColorVu and DarkFighter imaging technologies in their two lenses respectively. The top lens with ColorVu produces 4MP full-color imaging day and night. The bottom lens with DarkFighter now supports 4K resolution for the first time. That means colored images in 4K can be achieved down to 0.0003 lux – ensuring that every security incident is recorded in fine detail.

    Innovative ‘fusion light’ for enhanced security efficiency 

    The cameras are embedded with both supplemental white light and infrared (IR) light on either side that work together in a smart way. The camera activates IR light for normal, low-light operation. When a security event occurs, for example, a trespasser or a vehicle enters predefined areas, the white light will be triggered to replace IR, allowing the camera to capture colored images of intruders. The automatic ‘switch on’ function of white light also provides a deterring signal to them, making it clear that they’ve entered an area with security coverage.

    Switchable algorithms for varied security needs

    The DeepinView bullet cameras with TandemVu feature four switchable Deep Learning algorithms in their lower unit, including perimeter protection, facial recognition, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), and multi-target-type detection. Accordingly, users can simply enable an algorithm manually for dedicated use, then later switch the algorithm as needed.

    This makes the cameras ideal for perimeters, entrances and exits of industrial parks, parking facilities, city streets, and others.

    Window heater for reliable outdoor operations

    The cameras are made further reliable in cold weather thanks to a built-in window heater to protect the lens from snow or ice. The heater also prevents fogging on the lens in sudden temperature shifts. In this way, users can always get crystal-clear pictures in harsh environments

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