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    Hikvision India Introduces HEOP 2.0 to further strengthen its open AIoT ecosystem

    Hikvision India has introduced Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) version 2.0 , which provides partners and developers with easier access to Hikvision AIoT hardware products and technologies to facilitate co-creation of value for customers.

    An open ecosystem

    Open technologies, platforms, and collaboration are crucial for the future adoption of AIoT, and the enhanced HEOP platform demonstrates how Hikvision seeks to help pave the way for AIoT innovation and co-creation. HEOP 2.0 provides Hikvision partners with a unified, open, and safe environment for application operation and management. Featuring an open architecture, the platform supports containerized, independent deployment, and embedded application of third-party algorithms or components of Hikvision hardware, thus creating integrated devices with high flexibility.

    Compared with conventional HEOP software, HEOP 2.0 makes it easier for partners to deploy proprietary Deep Learning algorithms on Hikvision edge devices, and provides more intelligent and tailored applications for end users.

    Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) enables technology partners to develop and run their own applications on Hikvision’s hardware, facilitating custom security systems to respond to the specific needs and unique installation scenarios of customers.

    HEOP features open-architecture hardware, standard interfaces, and the HikFlow algorithm development kit*. Partners can easily join the HEOP ecosystem through Hikvision’s Technology Partner Portal.

    Compared to HEOP 1.0, HEOP 2.0 facilitates partners to deploy proprietary deep-learning algorithms on Hikvision’s edge devices, providing more intelligent and tailored applications for end users.

    *Hikvision’s dedicated kit to facilitate algorithm development and to minimize the deployment time of applications via HEOP 2.0.

    System Architecture

    The HEOP 2.0 system architecture ensures smooth running and quick migration of applications among varied types of underlying hardware.

    With Hikvision technology, one can get an edge over the competition by availing following advantages:

    • Create with boosted efficiency & intelligence
      • Algorithm acceleration with the HikFlow algorithm development kit
      • One-stop services from documentation & training, technical support, to app management
      •  An all-encompassing development environment that is easy to deploy
      • Reliable AI edge devices for solid performance and deep-learning applications
    • Promote through joint efforts
      • Co-marketing opportunities for maximum exposure of developers’ apps through Hikvision’s global network
      • Co-selling opportunities of joint solutions through Hikvision’s extensive business channels
    • Win with optimal solutions

    Meet and exceed end users’ expectations of richer product options and more intelligent solutions in varied business scenarios

    HEOP 2.0-enabled products

    Many product lines that support HEOP 2.0. More HEOP 2.0-enabled products will be available soon to go further into custom security systems category. The current HEOP 2.0 enabled products include, Network Cameras, Access Control Devices, Thermal Cameras, Video Recorders, Onboard Security and Mobile Products.

    Two technical advantages

    HEOP 2.0 is made possible by Hikvision’s two cutting-edge technologies: ‘Conch’ container technology and the HikFlow algorithm development kit.

    Hikvision container technology is lightweight, secure, and has wide compatibility. It provides an independent running environment for applications, optimizes use of hardware resources, and enhances the level of security.

    HikFlow is the core component of the HEOP platform, allowing third parties to run their Deep Learning algorithms on Hikvision devices. Its core advantage lies in support for multiple hardware platforms, rich Deep Learning operator generation process, and multiple algorithms running on the edge.

    Together,these technologies provide partners with a convenient and reliable route to market, that requires only minimum software development.

    Three benefits of becoming a partner

    There are three main benefits to becoming a HEOP partner with Hikvision.

    • Boosted efficiency and intelligence.

    Hikvision’s new products are all developed based on the HEOP platform. By joining the HEOP ecosystem through Hikvision’s Technology Partner Portal, developers can create apps that can run on Hikvision devices. They can also realize iterative development of intelligent AIoT application functions based on HEOP efficiencies.

    • Access to expertise and service. 

    Hikvision provides one-stop services – from documentation, training, and technical support, to facilitating partners’ seamless integration into Hikvision ecosystem. Through cooperation, both parties can leverage the trend of edge intelligence and AIoT to provide vertical and intelligent solutions in varied business scenarios.

    • Global marketing network. 

    Partners can also benefit from the go-to-market strategies, backed by Hikvision’s global marketing networks and extensive business channels.

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